& Sunday Music & Dufay & Kyrie & Blogiversary

Guillaume Dufay, “Kyrie” from Missa l’Homme Armé. Couldn’t find out who the performers are.

UPDATE: Reader Luís Henriques who is himself a singer, director and musicologist, informs me that the performance is by Jeremy Summerly’s Oxford Camerata. I tracked down the name on the T’Oobs and Luís appears to be totally right. (The Camerata’s performance of the whole Missa is here.)

Very impressive musical identification. Thanks, Luís!

Please check out Luís’ work, folks!

FURTHER UPDATE: WordPress informs me that it is my third blogiversary:

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!


To whatever tiny gaggle of viewers remains after all this time of Youtube leeching, thanks for being around!


200 Follows

I got my 200th follow. I still don’t know exactly what that involves, but thanks to all who’ve been following, and special thanks to Luís Henriques, our 200th! I often wonder what I must be putting you folks through. It’s gotta seem like an extremely idiosyncratic selection. Anyway, when we hit the number 200 around here (or anything like it), we have been known to do this:


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the Ride

I’ve fallen behind on things Kyary, but now I’m obliged to report the opening of the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XR Ride at Universal Studios Japan (in Osaka).

I confess I was getting ready to write Kyary off after her shark-jumping”Revenge of the Pumpkins” video, but Kyary once again rises like a Phoenix from the ashes. Kyary rules Kawaii.