Toots Thielemans RIP

By way of generous links from Marcus Ampe’s blog to mine, I found that Toots Thielemans passed away August 22 at the age of 94. Marcus’s tribute is excellent. Toots has been featured many times at wdydfae, and in my inaugural post at BOFN. RIP Toots.

“Always and Forever” from Secret Story, with Pat Metheny (1992).

Without equal on Jazz harmonica, Toots was also a great guitarist and world class whistler. This is “Manhã de Carnaval,” better known as “Black Orpheus,” from The Brasil Project with João Gilberto among many others (1992).

Everyone knows Toots without probably knowing that they know him, from the Midnight Cowboy theme (1969).

And of course Sesame Street:

And the vintage Old Spice commercial:

Wdydfae will be away from the blog for a few weeks. Auspicious August to all.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Sai and Co [[[[

Well, now! Kyary’s definitely getting her groove back with “Sai & Co.”

I missed this, which means I’m at least three months behind on my Kyary kyoverage.  (Hey, kyome on! Her previous video was “Crazy Party Night”, fer Pete’s sake. Don’t judge me!)

Yasutaka Nakata’s music here is bouncy and totally acceptable as a Kyary vehicle, even it it may not be up there with his best Kyary tunes. The visual work is superb, especially with the scaled figures, the kyolors, the set, the kyoreography, the overall imaginative explosion, and Kyary as giant stick figure manikin drummer. The pastiche of tropes suggest that Kyary’s going Pixar on us, though maybe not full Pixar. Think Toy Story meets Monsters Inc. meets “Babes in Toyland” meets Amazon Prime meets . . . Gravity? You decide.

And Kyary looks kyute! Especially in the knee length China dress for the ramen bowl dance at the end. Our International Kyary Kyuteness Index (IKKI) approaches “Fashion Monster” and “Furisodeshon” levels. You go, Kyary!

Lyrics in English, Romanized Japanese, and all Japanese can be found on tumblr here at kyarychan.

It must have been a challenge, given Kyary’s kyaracteristic wordplay, to make the translation work. “Saikou” is “highest” or “best,” but writing the title as “Sai & Co” (with the video working on a factory/shipping center premise) means that the “Co” also plays on “company” (Sai & Company, Inc.). kyarychan translates this as “The & best” in the lyrics . . . but that just plain doesn’t make any sense!

But let’s not get too picky. I’m not sure I could have done any better. Heck, I can’t even write Sai & Co properly in the title, because my theme (Vertigo) doesn’t allow ampersands; it turns them into turntables. I retaliated by putting in left brackets, which turn into falling men.

Be all that as it may, this is definitely two thumbs up! Welcome back, Kyary.

Sunday Music & Thad Jones & Mel Lewis & Three and One

“Three and One” from Presenting Thad Jones/Mel Lewis and the Jazz Orchestra (1966). Straining for a Sunday connection here, I’ll go with “very rough summary of the doctrine of the Trinity.”

Thad Jones (flugelhorn), Mel Lewis (drums), Hank Jones (piano), Richard Davis (bass), Jerome Richardson (saxophone), Jerry Dodgion (saxophone), Joe Farrell (saxophone), Eddie Daniels (saxophone), Pepper Adams (saxophone), Richard Williams (trumpet), Danny Stiles (trumpet), Bill Berry (trumpet), Jimmy Nottingham (trumpet), Bob Brookmeyer (trombone), Jack Rains (trombone), Tom McIntosh (trombone), Cliff Heather (trombone).

Kyrie & Chant & Sunday Music

Our talented and accomplished visitor Luís Henriques directs the Schola of Ensemble Eborensis at the church of the Cistercian monastery of S. Bento de Cástris, September 19, 2014. Singers (from right to left): Lara Rainho, Ana Lopes, Cláudia Anjos and Ana Lúcia Carvalho.

This is wdydfae’s first Vimeo embed.