Sunday Music & Tallis & If Ye Love Me

Meanwhile, in a most awkward segue from the holy to the most uncanny and profane, my blog mentor NSR has kicked off his third annual Friday night Halloween ROCKTOBER COUNTDOWN, COUNTDOWN, OUNTDOWN, Ountdown, ountdown, ountdown, ountdown . . .

As always, I am compelled link to it according to the terms of an uholy pact sealed long ago with drops of my own blood. But, due to an oversight, I am at liberty to warn you, honest reader, from imperiling your soul. Do not go there, friends!

Has Kyary Jumped Her Own Shark Motif? &

“Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushuu~” (The Pumpkins Strike Back). Alas, how the mighty have fallen. Is this the best that the one who gave us “Fashion Monster” can do for Halloween?!?!? Sigh. This is Kyary’s most dismally uninspired video since “Invader Invader”, though in this case the music is not as good.

Only diehard global Kyary fans will be able to defend this musically monotonous, visually unimaginative, thematically bland, indifferently choreographed piece of faux fluffery. The only good thing to say about the “crazy party night” (from the song title) is that it makes Dionysian revelry look so tedious that viewers may be drawn to the thrill of monastic life, plausibly leading to a net increase in holiness and virtue in the world. The video works (I am guessing) with the retro TV documentary premise of WNUF Halloween Special and features “jump” scares at the end that are startling only for their glacially awkward non-scariness.

The closest approximation to fame on this blog has been from my Kyary kyoverage, but I think I am ready to give all that up and move on, unless Kyary actually does something good . . . Come on, Kyary!