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Snow Flower Mika Nakashima

I don’t follow pop music that much but occassionally something sticks out.

I have the sense that the English language pop scene has pretty much lost the art of the romantic ballad, but I could be wrong. In the r&b field, ballads seem way over-emoted now (thus leaving me completely dry emotionally) and faux-Gospel flavored.

Other countries pick up the slack, though. This is a beautiful song by Mika Nakashima (fairly old).

Update/Edit: Good translation here. Kinda sappy, but hey, it’s a ballad.


12 responses to “Snow Flower Mika Nakashima

  1. nightsky

    I don’t wanna hear about snow! I just drove home from work on ice-slicked roads (thankfully not so bad as they were a few hours ago).

    Three posts on your first night. You’re on a roll.

    I find almost all ballads to be overly sappy to the point my teeth ache. Subtlety and understatement are the real lost arts here. This one’s not too bad though, I’m kinda liking it.

  2. wdydfae ⋅

    Sorry about the adverse weather effect amplification there.

    Drive safe!

    I’m hearing you on ballads. There are not that many that are good (though I have a couple lined up in my head now ready to post somewhere down the line). And sappy is even worse than corny because at least corny can be sincere. What you feel about ballads I sometimes feel about singing in general, and I tend to lean heavily toward instrumental music over sung music. But I also consider that a personal deficiency.

  3. nightsky

    I think one of the reasons I like Steely Dan so much is that they are probably the absolute height of anti-sappy-love-ballads.

    Well, that, and they just rock! Talk about instrumentation.

  4. wdydfae ⋅

    I love Steely Dan. I haven’t heard them for a while, though. Time for more Youtube resurrection!

    • nightsky

      There are piles of live Steely Dan shows on YouTube. A handful are from the 90s, a few are from the 70s (TV shows and the like), but most are from just the last 10 years or so. Michael McDonald sat in on at least one show with them.

  5. wdydfae ⋅

    Great! I have my work cut out for me. That was a great song. At about the same time, I liked Dire Straits, about equally with Steely Dan. I heard Chevy Chase (the original SNL crew) played keyboards with Steely Dan for a bit. Is it true?

    Ah, the 70s. Not much else to enthuse about in that decade, but I think there was never a comparable creative explosion in music, coupled with such serious musical chops.

  6. nightsky

    I want to say Chevy Chase played drums, and hung out with the Dan briefly, but I would have to look that up and I’m feeling lazy. Unlike you, who has 135416487 posts up by only your second day. 😉

    Anyone who comes to this site in, say, June, is gonna have a vast treasure trove to explore.

  7. wdydfae ⋅


    Not sure I’ll last.

    I saw Chevy Chase being interviewed on a talk show once, and he played some hot piano licks. If I remember, the host asked if he had been in a band. He casually mentioned, “Yeah I was in a band called Steely Dan for a while. Maybe you heard of it.” The audience whooped.

    • nightsky

      Hah! It all comes back to the Dan.

      Why don’t you think you’ll last?

      • wdydfae ⋅

        It sometimes happens that I go into a flurry of activity then hit a blowout. Also, in conflictual situations, I may say something strong then realize (or imagine) that it was hurtful, and then have a personal freakout about it. I can almost get physically sick when I think I’ve done that, sort of like Alex taking the eyedrops in A Clockwork Orange. According to some of my manosphere readings, I’m an “ectomorph” with a strong distaste for social chaos. Probably why I just gingerly post music and smog scenes so far!

  8. nightsky

    1 – Pace yourself. 🙂

    2 – When something aggravates you, write a response. Then sit on it for a half hour, maybe an hour. Cool off (you’ve got tons of music to help you relax) and come back to it, stripping out the Rage! and keeping the solid parts.

    I think you’re really on to something here. If nothing else, I’m learning a lot from you, and loving the tunes.

  9. wdydfae ⋅

    Good advice! It would have served me well in some unfortunate exchanges I can think of (the blog title alludes to incidents like those).

    Kind words, but . . . all I’m doing is posting Youtubes. Other people made them and uploaded them. It feels like cheating.

    Managing the internals and the approval process is not easy on this beat up laptop. Even logging on is unexpectedly hard. I don’t know how someone like SSM can keep track of so many comments AND bop around and apparently follow everything that’s going on at a number of other high traffic blogs. I would go nuts trying to do that!

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