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Kimiko Kasai & Butterfly

And with most of the personnel from the original, too.

On the remote chance that the campaign to get wives to put out succeeds, this could possibly provide some mood music. Otherwise, back in the real world, you just have to use your imagination.

Anyway, this is the orignal, a serious classic, from arguably the greatest pure funk album ever made:

One thing that makes the original special is that Mike Clark (drums) and Paul Jackson (bass) are together, and those two in combination are the ultimate funk rhythm section. (Kimiko Kasai’s version has Alphonse Mouzon on drums. Alphonse is also a great drummer.)

6 responses to “Kimiko Kasai & Butterfly

  1. Love that Kasai cover! Nice find.

  2. Ok so this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. wdydfae ⋅

    Thanks! I like the snap, crackle and pop of the lp sound on that, too.

    You both have beautiful sites. Sorry if there was a delay in approval.

  4. nightsky

    Kimiko Kasai rocks. I’m gonna have to get this song.

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