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Misia & “Everything”

Nightsky and I were discussing whether ballads ever cut it these days, or even as a rule. I tentatively concluded that English language pop can no longer deliver a decent ballad (at least from what I can hear), but that other countries might pick up the slack from time to time. The impetus for love ballads is just too great for it to fall out of production completely. Anyway, this for me is another case in point.

Misia is I guess the reigning pop diva, though this song is not new. I like it a lot. It rewards relistening. I even accept the thick orchestration in the arrangement. When I first heard Misia I found the nasal element in her voice quirky and interesting but a little . . . wierd. Now I accept it as the essential “Misia sound.” It has charm. I don’t know many of her other songs.

The video doesn’t do anything for me. The lyrics sound good in the original language but in English (translation at Maxilyrics) they read like something from a gushing teen girl’s diary. Erk.

I mean,

Many were passing by when I finally met you
I can’t believe the miracle I prayed for is this close to me

Our time apart grows even though I want to see you, I escape out the door
And remember laughing with that person, I remember you

My love, don’t make me sad, I’ve cried my eyes out, I’ve had sleepless nights
Don’t look back at the past, just look at me

You’re everything, You’re everything
Stronger than my love for you, I don’t need gentle lies, I just want you

How much time must pass before we can call it eternity? I want to go see
That endless and distant future together with you one day

And I’m like, ooooooookkkkkaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy . . . .

Lin Yu Chun (who sprang to fame singing Whitney Houston’s cover of “I Will Always Love You”) does a note perfect cover of Misia’s “Everything”:


12 responses to “Misia & “Everything”

  1. nightsky

    I should clarify then I’ve never been much for ballads anyway. Gimme some Steely Dan, some Alice In Chains, some Twaughthammer. That said, this one isn’t too bad, even thought it sounds like a Whitney Houston song with more bass. 🙂

    • wdydfae ⋅

      That’s a fair evaluation. You know, that Taiwan kid Lin Yu Chun who mimics Whitney also does this song (and also Mika Nakashima’s “Snow Flower” posted below, and Hikaru Utada’s “First Love”). The gals in the studio audience burst into tears when he does Misia.

      I’m sure it’s a sign of my isolation that I only know Alice in Chains by name and don’t know Twaughthammer at all. (I get some interesting images from association though. One of them is Thor walking on a tightrope.) If you have any faves, drop the Youtubes in comments and I’ll post up there.

  2. nightsky

    Alice In Chains was kinda sorta part of the grunge scene in the early 90s. They were more metal than grunge, but they were close enough (genre-wise and geographically) to the Seattle scene, they got categorized in with it. I don’t know if you would like them or not, but you might like their Unplugged set. Some of the songs have a more country/bluesy feel done acousitcally, especially “Heaven Beside You.”

    Twaughthammer is actually a joke band – it’s the band of one of the main characters on “Breaking Bad.” There’s 2 videos on youtube, one is their song, the other is a hilarious “Behind The Scenes” parody. I’ll drop a link but if it doesn’t work, just type in “Twaughthammer” into youtube’s search field.…0.0…1ac.1.8Nkb-KE_jxw

    Thor. Hah.

    This is probably AIC’s signature song.

  3. wdydfae ⋅

    Though telling people what to do is one of my very least favorite things to do, maybe you should showcase more of your favorite music on your blog. This dj/music navigator premise I’m working with is 100% appropriated from you, you know.

  4. nightsky

    I’ve been thinking I need more music posts, heh. I keep getting sidetracked by shiny things like future tech and all.

  5. wdydfae ⋅

    “Man in the Box” is good, especially the vocals! Twaughthammer’s “Fallacies” is hilarious! I liked the deadpan delivery on the Nietzschean schtick. (Do you have any idea how long it took me to get to be able to write Nietzschean without looking up the spelling?) Thanks for that!

    Driving rock has not much been my thing, but mainly just from lack of familiarity. I thought “Guns ‘n Roses” was good. For me, Hendrix set the bar pretty high in Voodoo Child and it seems kind of hard for anyone to catch up!

    If they ever forced me to be an air guitar contest I’d wanna try to do that song.

  6. wdydfae ⋅

    Someone I know has been recommending Loudness

  7. nightsky

    Twaughthammer is awesome. Did you watch their “Unplugged” type video?

    They should be the house band of the manosphere – “It’s all one big fallacy, yo!”

  8. wdydfae ⋅

    Is this it? Major lol!

    My language content policy for posts hasn’t gelled enough for me to know whether to post that or not . . .

    • nightsky

      I have no idea who those guys are, but the song cracked me up. They are totally living the low-velocity lifestlye some manoshpere types talk about.

      I listened to another song of theirs, “We Can’t All Be Heroes.” It’s got a kind of 70s groove to it, probably sampled, but the lyrics sound like everything we read about on a lot of these sites. There’s definitely some nihilism going on there. Same with the song “Doing Damage.”

      Give ’em a listen and see what you think. Thanks for tipping me to these guys.

    • nightsky

      Here’s the “Behind The Music” (sort of) with Twaughthammer. I think I will do a post about it, might be a fun exercise.

      Make sure you aren’t drinking anything, or your monitor is ruined.

  9. wdydfae ⋅

    Majorly funny! Up there with Spinal Tap. And A Mighty Wind (which I thought was even funnier than Spinal Tap).

    You should definitely be posting these things. It’ll be fun!

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