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Joey DeFrancesco Trio & Just in Time


Joey (organ), Frank Vignola (guitar), Joe Ascione (drums). The Italian-American vibe is strong in this one. Frank Vignola does great guitar work in this trio, especially when you poke around in the other songs for this concert.


3 responses to “Joey DeFrancesco Trio & Just in Time

  1. nightsky

    Slick. Good stuff.

    I’m gonna come to your house with a boxful of 50 GB flash drives and steal all your music.

  2. wdydfae ⋅

    You’re gonna laugh at me, but I still listen to CDs. (Go ahead, laugh!) Though of course I understand there is some way of getting CD tracks actually into the computer by rubbing the disk against the monitor or some some such thing.

    No, seriously, it’s because I drive a lot and I haven’t got any kind of iPod set up in the car. It’s only been in the past two years that I’ve gotten a serious music collection going. The way I’ve been doing it is finding (or remembering) what I like on Youtube and then getting it on CD, usually at CD shops. But now, jazz CDs are going for like dirt cheap. I haven’t been able to find any Joey so I may go Amazon. But it’s fun to watch him play on Youtube and that’s such a sh*tkicking trio.

    I’ll buy anything by Thad Jones/Mel Lewis but I’ve only been able to find two in stores. I’ll have to go Amazon again. I really want that “New Life” album. Unfortunately they didn’t make that many albums (they only used to play on weekends just on a kick, as all the players had other gigs). The music stores are closing but now I’m turning to the used places, and they have an awful lot of stuff. I also like album covers . . . OK, I’m old fashioned.

    I reviewed Steely Dan (they had a Youtube that played about 10 seconds each for 40 songs) and found the 9 songs I really used to like on the radio. Probably the best 3 for me were Aja, Deacon Blues, and Peg. After that, in no particular order, Pretzel Logic, Hey Nineteen, Don’t Take Me Alive, Reelin in the Years, Rikki Don’t Lose That Number.

  3. wdydfae

    I forget “Do It Again.”

    ‘Dja notice how Joey’s doing all the bass on keyboard the whole time with his left hand?

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