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Late for the sky & Jackson Browne

A change of pace in one sense, and in another, part of the continuing effort to post good ballads. But is this song so good that it’s not actually a ballad anymore?

I noticed this song for the first time last year when I tuned in to the radio playing oldies. It was pleasant background noise until I heard the lyrics “such an empty surprise to feel so alone.” Then I started paying attention and could understand that this was a seriously great song, and with uncommonly poetic lyrics. The arrangment and instrumentation are also perfect, every note, every inflection.

I since relistened many times through the magic of Youtube and read up on it. The most mysterious thing for me is how I could have missed it back in the day. Apparently this song was featured in Taxi Driver. I must have seen that movie five or six times, but never noticed this song.

I like the way they did the video with the lyrics up. The road metaphor works well, of course, and anyway, I like looking at winding roads.

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