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Jaco Pastorius & Blackbird

From the album Word of Mouth, which I don’t have yet but is very high on my list of planned acquisitions.

It is not easy to find who the personnel are on this cut but of course that is Toots Thielemans on harp. Song of course by Paul McCartney.

This cut is insane. But it’s insane the way Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is insane.

UPDATE: I’ve since acquired the album. It’s great! This cut is fairly representative.

3 responses to “Jaco Pastorius & Blackbird

  1. Haha this is manic. Not sure if I can get behind harmonica replacing mccartney but the backing instruments are pretty groovy

  2. wdydfae

    I agree! Which did you like better, the xylophone being dropped down the stairs, or bb’s being shot at metal buckets full of Christmas tree ornaments? (Actually, I’m just speculating.)

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