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Steely Dan & Peg

A formidable onslaught of 60s threw our 70s music into disarray. But now the 70s regroups, launches a counter-assault, and takes back some ground. There is partial frontal exposure in one picture but it appears as a photographic negative so you won’t notice at all . . .

I’m very glad Nightsky reintroduced me to this group. Not that I ever forgot them, I just never stopped and listened much before. Lots of things to listen to here, but I’m noticing the awesome level of the arrangement and rhythm section. This and probably Aja were my other favorite songs (besides Deacon Blues, posted below).

Steely Dan Youtubes seem to be a real labor of love. They also tend to match my color scheme real well. Win win.

UPDATE: Original video removed for copyright infringement, and replaced, so the comments are out of date now.

Someday that copyright issue is going to create a quandary for this joint, which seems one degree removed from the gritty reality of Toob copyright infringement issues. The thing about Youtubes, though, is that they lead me to purchase music. In the past few years I’ve bought about 200 CDs directly as a result of hearing music on Youtube, and this includes Aja. A lot of the music here I either bought or plan to buy. In a sense you can think of most of the music on this blog, outside of the Sunday specials, as a record of my music purchases.


3 responses to “Steely Dan & Peg

  1. Steely Dan Youtubes seem to be a real labor of love.

    DanFans have the same drive that the Dan itself has – the drive to create, and to do the best job possible. Steely Dan built on the stuff they loved, adding in their own vision, and the fans who make youtube videos of Dan songs are participating in the same process.

    If you talk to any random Dan Fan, he’s probably got a passionate hobby (or even a career) that he is very, very good at.

    They also tend to match my color scheme real well. Win win.

    That they do. You picked a sort of natural Aja-type layout.

  2. wdydfae

    When I first heard the name Steely Dan I thought “You mean Steeleye Span?” It was a good British folk rock group (apparently still active) that I became aware of in the early 70s because a friend turned me onto it. I’m not really into that kind of music now, but they did it very well. Also, I think they were very faithful to the traditions and crafted it well. The following is fairly typical, but they also had some rousing jigs and reels.

  3. wdydfae

    One of Steeley Span’s jigs. It’s the Steeleye Span I remember. It’s nice.

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