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The Art of Pickpocketing

This article in The New Yorker about master pickpocket Apollo Robbins was one of the more fascinating I’ve read recently. (It’s a long one.) Although much of the fascination was on the strength of the amazing tricks, what was really eye-opening was finding out about how attention works. Very well written.

But I found there is a great supplementary video at The New Yorker‘s blog showing Apollo practicing and explaining the moves. Very neat.

Also Youtubes of Apollo here:


2 responses to “The Art of Pickpocketing

  1. Nice. What does a pickpocket do for an encore?

    Good article.

  2. wdydfae

    Pock pickets?

    You should check out the linked video (not the Youtubes). Really cool. I guess it’s all about “frames”, in androsphere lingo.

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