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I Murdered My User Name )

Yes I did. But I did not kill no Avatar, no, no, no, no. Pretty funny, huh?

But yeah, I killed my user name. And I left the cyberbody at Nightsky’s place to rot. And there was no reason to do it except personal convenience and self-aggrandizement.

Well, what of it? Are you going to judge me about it?

What about you? Do you think your hands are clean? How many user names have you cast off over the years? Huh?

Oh, maybe you didn’t kill them straight off. No. You just “stopped using” them. Meaning you just threw them away when they were no longer useful to you. Identities. Threw them away like a piece of rubbish. Abandoned them.

And you thought that was it. End of story.

But it wasn’t. They’re still out there, you know. In cyberlimbo. Languishing. Alone. Unknown. Unnoticed. Isolated. But still there, somewhere.

What I did was merciful. What you did was much worse. Monsters.

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