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miles davis & my funny valentine

Happy V-Day!

I wanted to find some sexy female vocalist covering this song but in the process of that extensive search I realized that I hate this fracking song. It sounds bad no matter who sings it. Miles makes it tolerable to listen to. Just tolerable. Miles Davis (trumpet), Red Garland (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums) (1956).

In fact this next live version in the eponymous album (I spelled it without looking this time) is even better, but it’s almost 15 minutes long.

This is a classic jazz exploration by one of the better jazz quintets ever assembled: Miles Davis (trumpet), George Coleman (sax), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Tony Williams (drums) (1964). The song is fantastic here, not least because it’s unrecognizable.

Miles’s live’s advisable
’cause he makes it . . . unrecognizable
This song’s not exactly my . . . . favorite work of aaarrrrrrrtttt


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