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Astrud Gilberto & Corcovado

With Stan Getz (1963) on The Girl from Ipanema: The Bossa Nova Years.

This song comes with optional monologue.
Ah, my darling, aren’t the harbor lights enchanting as they glisten on the water, so transient, so effervescent, yet so eternal. And this gentle breeze, so soft, so cool, so caressing. Ah, my dear you are shivering. You must be cold. If you’ll perhaps allow me to drape my jacket over those lovely, tender shoulders, then . . . but no, it is a sin to cover such a treasure, such a delight. There must be a better way to stay warm. Ah, I know just the thing . . . No, it is not an embrace, it is what we humans must do when we are in an isolated spot and have only each other to survive. Yes, just one man, one woman, sharing their body warmth on a cool night, and then perhaps they may live until the morning and the rays of the sun return. But you are still shivering, I must draw you closer and make sure every part is shielded. Ah, yes . . . much better. Yes, it is just the thing . . .


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