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Flora Purim & How Insensitive

From the album Stories to Tell (1974). Song by Antônio Carlos Jobim.
Sung in Portuguese.

OK, so I’m on a Flora kick. I could do worse.

I used to have this on vinyl! There are a lot of legendary personnel on this album, including Ron Carter, Miroslav Vitous, and apparently Carlos Santana! But they are on unspecified tracks and it’s not clear who’s playing on this one.

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3 responses to “Flora Purim & How Insensitive

  1. yeah classic one, I’m a sucker for bossa nova beats like this. Maybe I should go on a Purim kick too

  2. wdydfae

    Flora has been the big surprise for me in this music blogging experience. There are a lot of songs from this ole album on Youtube now, and I found a version of Chrystal Silence she did in 2001. I had no idea she was still singing in 2001! Sounds good, too, kind of a mature, mellowed out voice. I’m going to put it up soon. I think she took the mantle from Astrud Gilberto, then turned it up to 11. She served about 18 months in prison at one time on a possession charge and it certainly took the momentum out of her career, but she got back back on her feet. (Apparently she organized the first prison concert that was co-organized by inmates and outsiders.) Well, you can start a whole new bossa nova thing. All you have to do is find a singer!

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