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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Fashion Monster

This is probably Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s best song, among her best videos, and (to me) her cutest look, what with that crazy bat hairdo. Or at least it’s her cutest look until she takes a shower in pink sky monster vomit. . . . Wait, was that a spoiler? Can music videos technically even have spoilers?

This was released last year in October, in anticipation of Halloween. It is now approaching 13 million views. It is classic Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, meaning that it is cute and weird at the same time, with intensifying hallucinogenic effects, accelerating Dionysian revelry, a pounding and hypnotic ostinato (offset this time with nice drum rattles and a more dramatic, almost operatic chorus) and of course, the pastiche. Yes, we must have the pastiche. This time it’s Nightmare Before Christmas meets The Addams Family meets Poltergeist meets Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion meets Studio Ghibli (the sky monster recalls the one that appears Princess Mononoke). All in all, a worthy Kyary experience. This is the one that turned me from wavering skeptic to reluctant fan when I first saw it a few months ago.

Lyrics with translation here provided at the site Beautiful Song Lyrics.

Language Notes:The samurai with enlarged cranium slashes through wooden posts on which the following words are affixed: 2:20 konsaba (clipped loan word “conservative” referring to conservative fashion, or basic fashion, or modest fashion sense), 2:24 chara otoko (frivolous or superficial boy, “fop” in old fashioned English), 2:26 yasai (vegetables, as in, “You are not leaving this table until you finish your vegetables, young lady!”), tetsuya (all night cramming, or “all nighter”), 2:29 [censored] (no, really, the word is blurred out).

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