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Post Number 100 Reflections

I realize now that it is coming up on a month of posting (not a couple of weeks as I vaguely thought). And this will be the 100th post.

Thank you, thank you. You’ve all been wonderful. Really, you have. Absolutely wonderful. Really. Thank you.

But seriously, thanks to everybody who’s been looking in and leaving likes and comments. I’m not a Facebook person, but I realize now the attraction of Facebook, just from experiencing the number of interesting people you start coming into contact with, lightning fast, when you start something like this. Though I do have some introverted aspects to my personality, I think I generally like people, and it really has been great meeting more people and seeing what they’re up to.

Here are some possibly boring reflections, so you might want to just finish reading now and move on to something else. But just to mark the moment, here are my thoughts.

If there has to be a single explanation of why I started this blog, it is Nightskyradio. He kept encouraging me to start one, not once, not twice, but four or five or six times. Partly it was because I was manically dropping stuff in his Comments and saying “Look at this! Look at this!” And now Nightsky must be saying,

Oh, my God. I’ve created a monster.

One way of looking at the word “monster” is “manic poster” with the p, a, i and c taken out and the phrase being made into a freak hybrid word: manic poster –> manicposter –> manicoster –> manioster –> manoster –> mnoster –> monster.

I think I have been a manic poster for two reasons: 1) I had a little more free time this past month, and 2) I’ve been getting it out of my system. By getting it out of my system I mean that for a couple of years I’ve been dropping music Youtubes in other bloggers’ com boxes. They’ve been very polite about it, but hey, everyone likes their own kind of music, right? As soon as I had my own blog, I went a bit crazy here. It unleashed years of mild frustration I got dropping clips on other bloggers, and then watching them get buried in obscure, forgotten threads. What I really wanted (I realize now) was to display what I thought were prime music clips more prominently. To frame them, put them up on the wall, make them searchable, etc. etc.

And now, seeing that somebody, anybody, “likes” a music post I put up (coming to it voluntarily and not being forced to see it because they are reading someone else’s comment thread) is very rewarding. Especially if it’s something they may not have seen or heard before. Then I feel like I’m passing on some legacy, albeit in a very small way. So the “likes” have helped a lot.

So, that’s the music part. The other part is the “substance” part. Though I’ve got plenty of views of various things, I realize that I’ve studiously avoided controversial issues here, and have no idea if I’ll alter that approach or not. There was not exactly a plan not talk about certain issues, but there was uncertainty about how to approach them if they were talked about. That uncertainty has not been resolved.

I attempted a complicated explanation for this, but I wasn’t happy with it so I just edited it most of it out, after attempting various fixes. I won’t say I won’t ever get into contentious issues, but at present I wouldn’t know how I would go about it. If someone asked me my views I suppose I might give it a go. But at present I’m feeling an aversion to polemics and partisan issues, though that doesn’t mean I’m “above” them or that people who are taking them on are doing something wrong.

But enough. That’s me at post 100.

What’s ahead? Probably more of the same for a while. Some mediocre photography once in a while, a fair amount of humor links, a few Asian culture notes, and a lot of music. The music is probably going to be leaning more toward discovered stuff, especially the jazz area, and less toward rediscovered stuff, since I think I just about used up a lot of what I think of as the best cuts of the 70s and late 60s on Youtube, though there will still be more of that as well. It may get into music that is even more obscure. The pace of posting will probably be slowing down as I transition from manic poster to normal poster.

Despite the joke in the tagline, I really do take requests and will follow up almost any musical advice. I am interested in checking out different kinds of music. The best example so far is Steely Dan, a search and discover mission inspired by Nightskyradio. I thoroughly enjoyed that, and those were also very well “liked” posts.

Thanks again!

Note: This post has been heavily edited several times since it was put up several hours ago, and is getting shorter and shorter.

4 responses to “Post Number 100 Reflections

  1. What I really wanted (I realize now) was to display what I thought were prime music clips more prominently.

    Told ya.


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  3. wdydfae

    You did indeed told me. Tell me. Telldjme.

    Thanks for the kind words and linkage, and for bearing so graciously the complete and total responsibility for this blog and all that is posted herein.

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