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Timeless & Abercrombie & DeJohnette & Hammer

This song, you either have to stop everything you’re doing and listen to the whole thing, with the volume jacked up, or just give it a pass and do something else. There is no middle course.

John Abercrombie (guitar), Jack DeJohnette (drums), Jan Hammer (keyboards) (1974). All the songs on this album are great but this title cut is iconic. It’s one of the most profound, contemplative pieces of music I know.

John Abercrombie plays some beautiful guitar here. Jack DeJohnette’s drumming is so subtle you hardly know he’s there most of the time, but he builds up a whole, intricate texture out of pure simplicity. I’ve never heard the light touch on drums used to such good effect, except maybe in his own Silver Hollow which was posted here a few weeks back. Jan Hammer is probably best known for the theme music to Miami Vice, but his best work was before that (it included Mahavishnu Orchestra). For me, this will always be Jan Hammer’s defining cut.


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