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Sunday Morning

Religious humor seemed like a modest hit last Sunday. And as the day of Our Lord approaches again in this season of Lent, we are committed more than ever to keeping our eye on any subtle shift that appears in those “views per hour” bars up on top of the window and shamelessly pandering to your every spiritual and recreational need, as long as it stays within the bounds of good taste. And good taste is what worship is all about, as you’ll see for yourself in this inspiring and life-changing presentation.

It used to be called “contemporary.” Some call it “relevant.” We’re so cool, we call it “contemporvant.”


2 responses to “Sunday Morning

  1. kerbey

    I saw this last year, and my worship team and I had a good laugh at how accurate it is. And how contemporvant we are. I get to go be contemporvant in 12 hrs, singing “the song that everyone knows.”

  2. wdydfae

    That’s funny! Thanks!

    I don’t know whether to say lol or ptl. ptlol!

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