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Man in the Green Shirt & Weather Report

From the album Tale Spinnin’ (1975).

Weather Report started out as a barrier-breaking free form improvisational band (their first album is in many ways still my favorite). It then evolved into a weird, cerebral, ethereal, electrico experimento concept band (my least favorite period). Eventually it became the stadium-packing funk fusion band with Jaco Pastorius that most people associate with Weather Report. This album represents a sort of interim period, before Jaco, but after the weird experimental electric period. This was when Weather Report was evolving its explosive, colorful, ethno-electric funk fusion style. I love this album. Alphonso Johnson is on bass, not Jaco, but he does a great job. When Alphonso left, Jaco replaced him, and Weather Report became the band that most people know as Weather Report.

This, the first cut on Tale Spinnin’, is probably the best known, though there are other cuts on it just as good and one is maybe better. Josef Zawinul (keyboards, synthesizer, percussion), Wayne Shorter (sax), Alphonso Johnson (bass), Leon “Ndugu” Chancler (drums, percussion), Alyrio Lima (percussion).


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