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Red and Orange & Abercrombie & DeJohnette & Hammer

From the album Timeless (1974), whose iconic title cut was posted back here.

John Abercrombie (guitar), Jack DeJohnette (drums), Jan Hammer (keys). That seems like a lot of sound to me for a mere three guys. It’s a great album, with lots of different kinds of stuff on it, including accoustic stuff. This is the most “driving” cut on the album. I imagine they did it to prove to the world, but mostly to themselves, that they could do Emerson, Lake and Palmer type nuclear space rock if they absolutely had to. Kind of like, “OK. Yeah. I can do that. Sure. Why not?”

Nice visual presentation put together by Youtuber dlgates, and, if I may say so, it matches my color scheme pretty good. Which is important.


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