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wdydfae goes awol but brb

As I may have limited Internet access for the next few days, this will be probably be wdydfae’s first break from “the blogging life.” I have yet to see whether the dependency level has developed to the point of nervous twitches and barking rages. But however that goes, I will probably be back with pictures, which may or may not be turned into more faux jazz album covers.

Thanks again to everybody that has been so kindly tuning in. Any new commenters will have to forgive their not being approved for a while, as I won’t be around to approve anyone. Present contributors are free to start any unpleasant altercations among themselves, altercations that will escalate, unmoderated, and leave this once bright, virgin star of the blog world a smoking, radioactive wasteland. Non-commentating guests are free to watch in fascination as the verbal carnage rages unchecked and this once peaceful, peachy, quirky little oasis of understated edginess, so fresh, so new, so promising, becomes a post-Apocalyptic landscape of doom.

And then there is all the labor of the past five or so weeks, open for all to peruse at their leisure. Don’t forget to sign the guestbook–oh, wait, you can’t because it won’t be approved. Anyway, there’s milk in the fridge. Drink it up because it’ll go bad if you don’t and it’ll be such a waste. Friday is garbage day. If you don’t take it out, it’s going to smell up the place. Also, for those of you mackerel snappers out there in non-missionary countries, remember Lent aint over yet and the Friday abstention is still in effect. Here are the keys. Don’t play the music too loud at night or the neighbors will complain. The plants probably can do OK without watering but if you think of it wouldn’t hurt.

And that’s just about it! As Truman said, Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


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