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March 11th Two Years Later

Today marks the two year anniversary of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, marked on tv today with a moment of silence at 2:46, a speech by the emperor, and some specials filmed live at the Tohoku region (N.E. Japan) hit by the tsunami.

This video from the day of the quake shows six tv stations as they were running when the quake hit、then one by one stopping the regular broadcasts to provide emergency information:

The one on the top left is NHK, the public station. The xylophone like alarm is advance warning that comes seconds before a major quake hits (a pretty scary thing to hear!). The continuous droning bleep sound is a tsunami warning.

I hadn’t seen this clip before, made by a guy from his car as it was swept up in the tsunami (he survived).

This is another clip I had not seen of the quake as experienced in Fukushima prefecture:

Another clip of the tsunami. There are so many I can’t remember any more if I’ve seen this one yet:


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