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Return of Wdydfae

Well, honored readers, I suggested that a great flame war might rage unchecked in my unmoderated comments area while I was gone, but I find to the contrary that things are very placid indeed. Too placid. I managed to get my post-Apocalyptic landscape of doom without having an actual Apocalypse. Proving that commentators here are really neat people, or that they just don’t care.

These, of course, are not mutually exclusive possibilities.

But one thing I learned from my break, is that regular posting seems to matter. My “views per hour” show a steady drop of views from the towering skyscrapers of yore (a couple of days ago) to a lonesome dribble, a couple of isolated blips, some scattered Monopoly houses plopped down here and there on the Great Plains. (In case you were wondering, yes, anything three views or over can look like a skyscraper, given the right context.)

While we’re on the subject of skyscrapers, I may as well present some of those promised (and much anticipated!!!) faux jazz album covers. The first two are from Happy Hour in a bar on the 45th floor of a building in the Roppongi area. The first is a zoom looking over at Shinjuku, a business disctrict. The second is the same view but looking down. The third is Tokyo Skytree reflected on the Solamachi building. The fourth is from the 30th (or 31st?) floor of the same Solamachi building.




Rendezvous with DensityRendezvous with Density

OK, my night photography leaves something to be desired, and even my idiot-proof camera can’t make up for it. However, according to the conventions of arty jazz album covers, it shouldn’t make that much difference. I won’t trouble you with faux track listing and faux photo credits this time. So, dig it. I got six jazz albums to my name now, and I didn’t even need any music!

You’d think I could retire now, but no, not me. Run, Forrest, run!

What’s coming up next? Well, my mind’s a blank about music. I do have a lot of pictures from the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu exhibit, which may appeal to my J-pop oriented readers. (They are my single largest constituency according to my internals. And yes, I do indeed monitor those things obsessively.) I still have to sort through the photos and cull and organize.

I definitely should have seen this one coming, but (with kyaracteristic Kyary wordplay) the exhibit is called “Kyary Pamyu Pamuseum”. It runs until March 25.

On a more somber note, today marks two years to the day since the earthquake and tsunami, so there might be post about that coming up.

So please stick around and thanks for waiting!


One response to “Return of Wdydfae

  1. nightsky

    You are so gonna give me a tour sometime…

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