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Gretchen Parlato & Butterfly

Kimiko Kasai’s cover of Butterfly has been one of the most viewed posts at this place. I just found another really misty and sultry cover by Gretchen Parlato. Nice!

I’d never heard of her! I’m sorry that I don’t have the names of the other musicians.


6 responses to “Gretchen Parlato & Butterfly

  1. nightsky

    Some of that is probably me. I love Kimiko’s version and can’t find it on Amazon., heh

  2. nightsky

    That’s not the mp3 version is it? 😀

    No worries, thanks though.

  3. wdydfae

    I forgot about those newfangled mp3 thingees! You’re right, I couldn’t find a Kimiko mp3 anywhere just now. I think the jazz geeks that are into Kimiko will tend to be CD (or even LP) people.The mp3 song by song approach would have been a good one in this case, though, because I listened to some of the other songs on the Butterfly album and I didn’t like them that much. It would make sense in this case just to get the one song, even though I am a “whole album” person in general.

  4. CL ⋅

    Made me think of this:

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