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Plum Blossoms

Cherry blossoms get a lot of press, but plum blossoms are kind of cool, too.
Plum blossom sky
They start opening up in February and wrap up just about now. They’re subtle and delicate.
They’re hard to photograph unless you’ve got skill, gigantic lenses, or (since I don’t have either) a background to contrast against.
Plum blossom pipes
Bringing two of my favorite things together, plum blossoms, and lacings of industrial pipes and ducts and girding! It’s an electric power facility.
plum blossoms w. power plant
No, it’s not Fukushima. But it would be so cool if it was . . .
Plum Blossom Shrine
Famous shrine, a bit overrated. I recommend the unfamous ones.


3 responses to “Plum Blossoms

  1. Sis ⋅

    Very pretty, our trees don’t blossom until April.

    • wdydfae

      Cherry blossoms are scheduled for March 25 this year. They always announce it on the news. But those poor little plum blossoms always get ignored. Cherry blossoms are pretty spectacular, though, so it’s easy to see why. Every tree looks like an explosion.

      Hey, I’ve been enjoying the evolution of your avatar! I think you’ve got a keeper there!

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