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Tommy Lee Jones CM Train Station

Our TLJ series is going off sequence now, since the venerable Katz515, only uploaded the CMs up to #19. I enjoyed the excellent English subs that “Krazy Katz” artfully put into the videos, with different colors to distinguish dialogue and voice-overs. Thanks again, Krazy Katz.

But the adventure continues. There are lots and lots more TLJ CMs out there in Youtubeland, and I’m finding a few that have great subs, like this next one, which also has an appropriate seasonal theme. I don’t know what number it is in the series, which is a very aggravating thing for the anal-retentive component of my personality (for future reference, that would be component #14q, block z). Be that as it may (sigh), one just has to shoulder the burden and carry on as best one can.

This is a pretty recent TLJ CM. It goofs on older romantic TV dramas in general, and specifically on an NHK drama from the nineties (1994-95) called Haru-yo Koi (“Come Spring”). The drama took its title from the massively popular hit by Yumi Matsutoya (1994), which was also the drama’s theme song, and the background music for this CM. Haru-yo Koi is a deservedly classic pop song, instantly recognizable as an iconic Spring-themed romantic mood inducer. (Yumi Matsutoya is a formidable songwriter and musician, with a plain but comfortable singing voice.) Original here:

Lyrics and translation here at Misa-chan’s J-pop blog.


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