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Joe Farrell & Bass Folk Song

From Moon Germs (1972).

Joe Farrell (flute), Stanley Clarke (bass), Herbie Hancock (keyboard), Jack DeJohnette (drums). I’d forgotten all about this album. I think this is a fantastic track. How often do you get a chance to hear Stanley Clarke playing with Herbie Hancock and Jack DeJohnette?!? . . . Well, OK, other jazz geeks will understand the excitement.

This is a kind of pre-fusion: too funky to be mainstream jazz, but too cerebral and exploratory to have the cross-over appeal that fusion would eventually get. But three major streams of fusion are nascent here: Herbie Hancock and his funk-fusion, Stanley Clarke (representing the Return to Forever stream and jazz rock), Jack Dejohnette (representing what will beome the arty, etherial, “Europeanesque” ECM stream). The other major streams, Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Pat Metheny, are not represented here.

Joe Farrell’s work seems way underappreciated.


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