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Kyary Fans as Bosozoku

This is not a high traffic blog–trust me when I tell you this. But for two days it was a very high traffic blog, as the Kyaryan hordes swept through. They came to see this post. Some stayed to check out a few other Kyary related posts. And then they left. And now the numbers have settled back into their routine dribble of viewers.

The Kyary fans reminded me of bosozoku (speed tribes), the massive Japanese motor gangs that pass through the neighborhood with a mammoth roar and rumble. After they’ve passed, the silence in their wake always seems vaguely unsettling.

Where did they come from? Somewhere on Facebook apparently.

Where did they go? I guess I’ll never know.

God speed, Kyary fans. Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to rumble through again.


2 responses to “Kyary Fans as Bosozoku

  1. Now you know how to boost your numbers for sweeps week.

  2. wdydfae

    Alas, if only!

    I posted that big draw post about a month ago. A month later it gets massive hits. Why? And why now? And why suddenly (almost) zilch again? There’s no rhyme or reason to this stuff. It just happens.

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