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The Fuccons Mikey Has a Date

Mikey, these are the tears of truth!


8 responses to “The Fuccons Mikey Has a Date

  1. Psst, Fuccons Dealer, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award, my latest post explains.

    Take a look and enjoy.

  2. Dave ⋅

    Any particular reason for calling it a Lederhosen nomination?

    • wdydfae

      Hi, Dave!

      Well, it sounds a little bit like Liebster, but it sounds funny.

      Sheesh. Of all the people who should have to ask . . .

      But now that you mention it, I’ve been thinking of a few others.

      The Lobster Award: less than ten followers, but they comment a lot.

      The Longster Award: writes really long posts that few can understand (or finish); no followers, but you gotta appreciate the
      time he or she puts into it.

      The Lone Star Award: no followers yet, but got a “Like” back in February!

      • wdydfae

        The Luckster Award
        Once got a massive influx of viewers for no apparent reason. The viewers came to see something that the blogger did on a casual whim and that was not related to the general focus of the blog. None of the sudden horde became followers or left a “Like.”

        (I qualify for the Luckster Award! Because of my Kyary Pamyu Pamyuseum report! Feel free to nominate me, anybody!)

      • Dave ⋅

        Haha, I must have been a bit off my game when I made that earlier comment 🙂

        As much as I have trouble embracing a ton of new awards that we won’t qualify for (713 followers, but usually around only 30% of that number in terms of daily hits), I do love those names, so I approve 🙂

        Perhaps the Lobster award can be for a blog with fewer than 10 really active commenters, but they comment a LOT! Then we’d be eligible 🙂

        Hopefully we’ll see you over at our neck of the woods again soon. Meanwhile, keep up the great content! I don’t always click “Like” or “Comment” when I view things in my reader, but I do read a fair number of posts from blogs I follow 🙂

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