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Liebster Winner Taking Limited Leavester

Kind commenter and estimable blogger Things I Think has nominated me for the famous Liebster award. I appreciate the honor and attention very much, but the award also corresponds to a moment when I truly have to rethink my blogging activities.

This blog was conceived and launched at a moderately busy period, but one that also afforded a fair dose of “flex time.” The blog was a great way to unwind and post things I liked and meet people, at a time when I could afford to do just that. But that “flex time” period is over and the real world reckoning is being pretty unforgiving at the moment. I don’t really have any spare quarter hour blocks of time to hunt down good Youtube clips for youses guys.

Accordingly, blog activity will probably be reduced. I expect to be lightly posting every couple of days or maybe a few times a week, if that. And the Liebster duties (which turn out to be unexpectedly demanding, on studying Things I Think’s nomination post!) will have to be indefinitely postponed.

So, thanks to everybody! I’ll still be around, and it truly has been a great pleasure encountering all the new people in the blogosphere who (quite unexpectedly, to me) took any interest in what I was doing here! I’m a lot more impressed with what you’re doing than what I’ve been doing (parasitizing Youtube)!


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