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Red Letter Media Fest

The Red Letter Media crew sure has been keeping themselves busy! First, Mike and Jay do Ironman 3 and Pain & Gain. Please note that a LANGUAGE ADVISORY is in effect.

A funny review, featuring real life hipsters! (Spoiler: VHS players are in now, because hipsters find using them kind of cool and ironic.) Half an hour of your life is required.

As with 90-95% of my movie viewing, I came upon the Ironman movies a coupla years (at least) after their release, and on regular broadcast tv with commercials and everything. This qualification aside, I thought Ironman 1 and 2 were surprisingly good! I’m sure I’m going to enjoy Ironman 3, too, when I see it in, uh . . . (let me calculate here) about 2015. I promise to see it sooner if it’s an airplane movie offering! (That’s when I see the other 5%.) But as a general rule, if Mike and Jay review it, I don’t have to see it.

But that’s not all!! RLM also has a brand new segment of Best of the Worst featuring a special 45 minute drunk review of VHS robot movies.

Please note that the LANGUAGE ADVISORY remains in effect.

According to my napkin calculations, these combined reviews will waste well over an hour of your life. One could do worse, of course.


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