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The Bat & Pat Metheny & Herbie Hancock & Jack DeJohnette & Dave Holland

From the concert video DeJohnette, Hancock, Holland, Metheny in Concert. Recorded at the Mellon Jazz Festival, Academy of Music, Philadelphia (1990). Song by Pat Metheny.

Pat Metheny (guitar), Herbie Hancock (keyboards), Jack DeJohnette (drums), Dave Holland (bass). Other super sets from this: here and here and here.


6 responses to “The Bat & Pat Metheny & Herbie Hancock & Jack DeJohnette & Dave Holland

  1. Liz

    Now THAT is easy listening! Nice sounds.

  2. wdydfae

    Or in your case easy LIZ-tening.

    Get it? Get it? Because your name’s “Liz”! Get it? Get it?

    Just as a caution, there are jazz nuts out there who would go bonkers at this combo being characterized as “easy listening.” I guess you’re supposed to say “soothing” or “sweet” or “calming” or something like that. Otherwise, it would be like someone reading your muffin post and commenting, “Those freeze dried muffins look so yummy! Do they sell them at Costco?”

    But I wouldn’t say that, of course. I’d say, “Liz, you did it again! Another culinary masterpiece! You’re a magician! Your muffins look absolutely . . . de-LIZ-shush!”

  3. wdydfae

    Sheesh. I hope I didn’t alienate one of my few remaining music likers! And, when I stop to think about it, the only one who brings me food and alcoholic beverages.

    Liz, you can call it EZ listening if you like! It’s just music. Call it whatever you want!

    • Liz

      lol–oh dear. I don’t mean to make myself look stupid or naive or uneducated when it comes to music, except that I am. But I know that there is music I like listening to and there is music I do not like listening to. And if a song is easy to listen to (and this is a good thing–muzac (sp?) and BORING elevator music is not easy listening (Liztening? really, I can’t say that–too weird) because it is boring and stupid IMO). So easy listening is a compliment from me and I don’t know how freeze-dried muffins from Costco could be a compliment from anyone unless you are an astronaut in a space program and freeze dried food is where it’s at for you right now.

      But for anyone who is upset by what I said–shame on you, don’t judge me. I meant no harm. I like soothing, calm jazz and find it easy to listen to.

      So with that comment (rant?), I’ll go off to listen easily to your wonderful Bach. I’m drawn to your posts because you offer a variety of tunes and I like all sorts myself. And I trust it’s ok to tell you why I like them even if I’m not using the proper terms. Guess I should preface any comment from here on out by saying that I know nothing about music critique, etc. I just like sounds that make me feel and strike some sort of connection. My apologies for the times when I will sound dumb πŸ˜‰

      Appreciate your fun banter for sure πŸ™‚

  4. wdydfae

    Before I criticize bristling jazz snobs, I guess I better remember that so far they exist only in my mind. So, I better pause here and direct the critical glare at my wierd brain, rather than criticize people who don’t yet exist!

    Your comments are always great Liz, and you’re the best kind of LIZstener–willing to check out stuff you’re not necessarily familiar with and give it a fair shake and a sincere evaluation. Who could ask for better? Me, I’d like to get into music I don’t know, but usually I don’t know where to start. For instance, I know there’s a lot of country music I’d love but don’t know what names to look for. (I only know Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and some of the Dead’s country flavored tunes.)

    Freeze dried muffins and astronauts–now that is one wild imaginative riff! Good one!

    Speaking of muffins, I want to eat Liz’s raisin muffins! Now!!!

    • Liz

      you’ve got the recipe via your blogroll (thanks for that πŸ™‚ ), but here are two I brought over *Liz virtually hands wdydfae two Super Muffins* Enjoy!

      I love all music genres save country (will leave that to amb), though I like a lot of bluegrass and that’s sort of country. And the hard acid rock where they eat bats and stuff doesn’t get me going. Appreciate having a (mostly) music blog written with wit and sarcasm. It’s like a two-fer. And there’s that thing about making my IQ go up so, I will be back.

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