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Dreams Come True & Love Love Love

One for our blog romancers, in our underpopulated category of ballads. The band, Dreams Come True. The singer, Miwa Yoshida. The year, 1995. The single, Love Love Love.

English lyrics at DCT Lyrics.

Wait, I got a signal coming in here . . . I can’t make out the source . . . It’s . . . Fading out now . . . No, wait, I got it. Communications Officer, activate digital retrieval system!

Uh, roger on that digital retrieval, sir. We do have a lock on it. Repeat. We do have a lock. Shall I code in that retrieval, sir?

Make it so.
Jennifer Carpenter Wallpaper
Signal retrieved sir, and unscrambled.


Captains log, Stardate 71289.4. We appear to have captured a digital artifact dating from the early 21st Terran century. The image is apparently of a Terran female entertainer identified as “Deb.” Though she appears to be addressing another female in the accompanying text, linguistic analysis suggests a different author than the woman in the image, possibly male. Although the message appears to be an invitation composed in 21st Century English, the text is heavily obscured by symbols with no apparent meaning. Could it be the degradation of the signal over time? Or could the mysterious symbols be a code of some sort? Encryption analysis has not made any progress. In the end, we have only questions. Who sent this message? Who was it intended for? And above all, what is it an invitation to do? Though we will eventually deliver this artifact to Star Fleet archives, it may remain a mystery for all time . . . and perhaps beyond time itself.

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12 responses to “Dreams Come True & Love Love Love

  1. Liz

    Pretty song (and singer). Love it when I can’t understand a word of what’s being sung, but like the music anyway. Do you know Paris Combo? I bought their entire album based on this one song:
    Not a clue what any of it means, but love how it makes me want throw all cares aside and start spinning.

    • wdydfae

      Spinning? You mean you also weave?!?

      Liz, is there anything you DON’T do?!?!?

      Yeah, I got a soft spot for when Astrud Gilberto or Flora Purim sing in Portuguese. They could be the most inane lyrics in the world, for all I know, but it sounds so good!

      I tried to watch Calendar but they won’t show it in the country I’m in. 😦 I’ll keep my eye out for them, though! (him? it?) Thanks! You and amb are expanding my musical horizons.

      • Liz

        Um, by spinning I mean twirl like a 4-year-old. Martha Stewart I am not. No French music videos on the planet of T’Oob? Found their official site, but I couldn’t écouter either. Their music is simple and fun. Your Latin ladies are lovely 🙂

      • wdydfae

        I found Living Room on Youtube. It’s a nice sound! I’m getting a bit of a classic retro Lotte Lenya vibe from them, but maybe it’s just that song.

  2. Liz

    love the dapper suits-at least yours has subtitles. How did you come to know so much about so many types of music?

    • wdydfae

      Short answer? I’m old.

      I mean, not that old. But not young.

      Plus, there’s a lot of music I don’t know anything about.

    • wdydfae

      My pop had The Threepenny Opera and taught me about it. It was written and performed during the decadent era capture in the musical Cabaret, which must be at least partly modelled on that music and ambience. This musical was likely among the “decadent” music condemned by the Nazis (I’m guessing but I don’t know that). The libretto was by Bertold Brecht, who might make an interesting entry at BoFN.

  3. wimpymd

    Reblogged this on wimpymd and commented:
    This proves music can break language barriers. Beauty is beauty no matter what language is used to express it. Thank You.

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  5. Liz

    And. I love how Dave has used your blog for the darker memes. Juxtaposing a bit here–it’s getting interesting!

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