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Kyary & Glico CM & Mi

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has a long way to go to get me to overlook the disappointment of “Invader Invader,” but I suppose this is a start, of sorts.

Following the usual pattern, Kyary is using a snippet from music not yet released, teasingly revealing part of it in an ad campaign. In this case it is the song “Mi” which will be on the album, Nandacollection, set to come out June 26. “Nan da kore?” means “What duh hell is dis?” With Kyaracteristic word play, Kyary combines “Nan da kore” with “collection” (Nan + da + korekushon) to create her own Joycean hybrid phrase. It’s like saying, “What duh hell is display?”

On the subject of Joycean worldplay, Kyary makes a sentence at the end of this spot consisting of nothing but nonsense iterations of “mi”: Mi mi mi mimi. Mimi mimi mi. Or is Joycean the wrong term for that? Dadaist?

Nice to see Kyary returning to the formula of over the top kyuteness lavishly spliced with hallucinogenic weirdness–always a good formula for her. Kyary has the Tempura Kidz working with her here. The Glico product is “Ice no Mi” (アイスの実), which are round ice candies.

Bonus Tempura Challenge:
One of the T kids is a boy. Which one?


11 responses to “Kyary & Glico CM & Mi

  1. Liz

    bizarre, but strangely cute. Looped back to your cider cider link, but no idea which one is a boy. Memorable (and catchy) advertising anyway. Seems I learn new things here, too. Yesterday–or whenever we were chatting–it was cheesy ’70s tv (and let’s not forget the BF public service announcement) and today it’s how foods are marketed in Asian countries. So many bright colors!

    • wdydfae

      You won’t remember this, Liz, but the idea of blogging Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was first incubated in the comments of your Dragon lady post, and was undertaken totally in imitation of the BoFN tradition. It’s been by far my most read topic here, attracting hundreds of Asia pop fans.

      • Liz

        with your prompt, I absolutely remember your comment. Quite the story! Glad it’s been a good hook for you. How did you even find her? Still thinking she looks like a Doodlebop. I see what you meant by “Twiggy meets Lewis Carroll meets Hello Kitty.”

        One thing I appreciate about reading blogs and connecting with the authors is the remind that there is so much more to life than my little slice of the pie. Tend to get wrapped up in my own world and think everyone is like the folks I know. But nope, other folks do it differently (Asian snack food commercials, etc) and that’s a very good thing.

        Speaking of BoFN, hoping you’ve been reading my FNiFoods guest posts. Want to be sure I’m living up to your high standards of credible funny names.

      • wdydfae

        I’m due to visit BoFN. I’ve been neglecting it, distracted by all the charming ladies around here.

        Man, Kyary’s been all over this blog. I even photo-blogged her costume exhibit in Tokyo. (Try searching Kyary Pamyu Pamuseum.) That series got massive hits–I mean relatively speaking of course).

        I don’t even like her music much, but she’s so fascinating as a cultural phenomenon.

      • Liz

        see what I mean–your blog oozes (in the best possible sense, of course) culture!

      • wdydfae

        Oozing as in a spoiled, 1 week old banana oozing all that gross discolored banana goo?

        Actually, I take that back somewhat about Kyary music. Sometimes I do like it. She uses that bouncy, trance-like ostinato very effectively. It would never be my musical first choice, but sometimes it works very well.

      • Liz

        no, not nasty banana oozing. Oozing as in it just keeps flowing 🙂 And that Kyary? Cute as a button.

    • wdydfae

      In Cider Cider the boy (P-chan) is the one in the blue Where the Wild Things Are type get-up, but I don’t know who he is in this CM.

  2. amb

    I’m with Liz, I love all the bright colours! I had this on a loop (on mute, I promise) while I was on a conference call this morning – made it so much more entertaining! 😉

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