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Foto Fails That Could Be Arty Jazz Album Covers Part 3

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap
Wdyd Fae Sound Ensemble

Barracuda Barricade 5:39
Wisdom Teething 8:13
Inter-pre-lude 0:49
Megabit 7:12
Quantum Leap 11:06

Wydyd Fae: Synthesizers, cowbells, kazoo, vocals
Diane Parks-Fitzgerald: Xylophone, percussion
Lewiston Robinson III: Baritone saxphone, English horn, slidewhistle
Torrance Felding Sparrs: Drums, sitar
Branow Sprodlikov: Bass

Recorded July 16, 2013
Tabla Rasa Sound Studios
Bern, Switzerland
Why Dyddy Music

Cover Art
Design: Petra Alexandria
Photo: Crym Ghuztdmra

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