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Funny or Die: NSA CM with Sasha Grey

Moderate content warning, and you have to watch a commercial first.


5 responses to “Funny or Die: NSA CM with Sasha Grey

  1. amb

    Off topic but … I noticed you changed your tagline/intro under the header! Nice!! Does that mean I can also look forward to a new knock knock joke soon? 🙂

    • wdydfae

      Dang, I forgot all about the knock, knock joke. That thing must be covered with mold by now. If you have any dorky jokes, please share! It does not have to be a knock-knock joke.

  2. Liz

    Here’s one of the less stupid ones from The Rugrats Joke Book. Sending because it’s food-related, of course.

    Q: What happens when you put jelly in a toaster?
    A: It gets jammed.

    *hysterical laughing ensues*

    • wdydfae

      Wow, if that had been 10 hours earlier I would have installed it in my About section. As you can see I put up a new joke–food related, Liz!. But I’m keeping that one on reserve.

      I remember a quote from somewhere, “It must be a jellyfish ’cause a jam fish don’t shake like that.”

      • Liz

        ah, a day late and dollar short. But the banana joke seems more appropriate and timely, so you made the right call. Save the jam joke for another day.

        That quote is new to me.

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