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Tempura Kidz & Happy Natsu Matsuri

A bouncy new video from Tempura Kidz, Happy Summer Festival, or actually “Happii” Summer Festival.

Because it’s a play on the word “happi” which is the traditional get-up worn by staff and dancers at local summer festivals. These are totally cool events, usually held at shrines, that include bon dancing. The T-kidz are all wearing “happi” here. In my opinion the music needs more big festival drums, but it really starts picking up at about 2:40.


2 responses to “Tempura Kidz & Happy Natsu Matsuri

  1. Liz

    rock on, kiddos. Were they always a group of five? I remember four in other clips. This is energizing, etc, but I’m partial to the more bright and colorful costumes and their dancing with produce.

  2. wdydfae

    You’ve got a point! This one appeals to me because they fuse what to me is familiar festival music rhythms with the techno beat. Never heard that done like that before! Tempura appeared in a few flashes, so technically there is food in this, Liz.

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