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6 responses to “Peterson & Brown & Pedersen & You Look Good to Me

  1. amb

    I missed this one yesterday! Love it 🙂

    PS weren’t you supposed to be switching to a lighter posting schedule? And here I thought I was busy!

    • wdydfae

      I was hoping no-one would remember that, and I’m pretty sure no-one but you did. Who can escape the scrutiny of amb?

      I’m up to about one a day, and I’m not sure why. I think it might be that I catching up on humor, and then feeling the need to counterbalance that with music, and then whenever Kyary puts out new stuff (which she’s doing a lot now) I feel like–having designated myself as a Kyary blogger of sorts–I got to stay on top of it to maintain the Asia pop draw, and then this and then that and then gulshdernit before yuh know I’m just popping out them dangblamed post like a, like a, like a BoFN boy poppin’ out “Hey Girl” memes for his special gal.

      And the worse thing is, I really should be letting up on things for the next week or so.

      And thanks for the likeyness, by the way!

      • amb

        Lol! Scrutiny, no, that’s far too critical sounding for me. 🙂

        The truth is I don’t do it on purpose – I have a weird, not-quite-but-almost photographic memory when it comes to remembering stuff I’ve read. Which explains how I came out of university with an unplanned double degree many moons ago 😉

        For what it’s worth, I like your counterbalanced programming very much. And your use of simile! (People are still talking to me about those memes, it’s great).

        And you’re welcome!

  2. Liz

    my first thought, diddy, when I saw I had two posts of yours to catch up on was “hey–didn’t he saw he was going to post less often?” So it is not just amb’s scrutiny. You underestimate yourself here–folks remember what you say!

    as for this one: very pretty and trickle-y like a waterfall. But enough doo-wop to keep us listening. Could listen to that for a very long time without getting bored.

    • wdydfae

      Not one but two fiercely vigilant post moniters. I guess I better watch what I say around this joint.

      For press release:
      The central office overseeing wdydfae activity would like to issue the following statement in order to clarify certain remarks that may have been made earlier with regard to the, uh, frequency of posting. At the time those remarks were made there was, and there remains, certain concerns about whether a robust posting schedule might interfere with the routine operations of the larger entity of which wdydfae is a, erhem, highly valued but relatively non-crucial office within our public relations division. Unfortunately these, uh, informal remarks, of which the head office had no knowledge and would certainly not have approved for dissemination had the request to issue such statements gone through the proper administrative channels, may have given the impression that a curtailment in published output had actually been implemented as official policy. We emphasize that no such policy has been implemented and that frequency of posting is at the discretion of our branch office. That being the case, we would strongly discourage our section chiefs from speculating or prognosticating with regards to amount or frequency of their own output, especially if, and we emphasize this, especially if they have no intention of maintaining consistency between their recorded statements and said output. We are pursuing the possibility of disciplinary action. As for our valued readers, who may have been misled by these irresponsible and unapproved statements, we at the head office would like to offer our sincere apologies. We are committed to reader satisfaction and will always make our most concerted efforts toward providing it and making you our number one commitment. Thank you very much.

      • Liz

        I looked up after reading that last paragraph and saw all the words swooshing by overhead. Very nicely done! feel like I should give you a standing ovation.

        You post as often as you need to post and I’ll make no judgements about how much you’re posting or not posting. I’d write a document about the legal implications on my end, but just not up to the task 😉

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