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A Child Is Born & Thad Jones & Mel Lewis

Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, from Consumation (1970).

I have this CD. A classic. The other cuts are great, too, albeit more smoking. Thad Jones (flugelhorn, arrange), Snooky Young, Danny Moore, Al Porcino, Marvin Stamm (trumpet), Eddie Bert, Benny Powell, Jimmy Knepper (trombone), Cliff Heather (bass trombone), Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dodgion, Billy Harper, Eddie Daniels (flute), Richie Kamuca (clarinet), Pepper Adams (baritone sax), Roland Hanna (piano), Richard Davis (bass), Mel Lewis (drums).


7 responses to “A Child Is Born & Thad Jones & Mel Lewis

  1. Liz

    nice. would be curious to hear the “smokin'” cuts, too. And I like the album cover lots.

    Seems the modem problem is fixed here in nowhere-ville, but you have work to do and shouldn’t be reading this anyway. haha. I wish you luck on your sthg. Have been back to a few of amb’s posts and see that you two continue to chatter long after others have left the room. funny stuff. So. Consider this your banter/batter of the day.

  2. wdydfae

    Hey there, Liz! One of the smoking cuts off the album was featured here, but in a more smoking live version:
    Glad to see you’re reconnected! I checked the big thing off my list and now have mostly just the routine death by a thousand paper cuts. Ready to banter. Banter up! Hey banter, banter, banter, banter!

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