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She Said & Rin Oikawa

Written by Yoko Kanno, covered here by Rin Oikawa.

This tender and bittersweet song is prominent in the soundtrack of Kamikaze Girls (2004), actually a hilarious movie, and one of my favorites. It’s also one of the all time great friendship stories. This is a nice video tribute.

Bonus trailer for Kamikaze Girls:


5 responses to “She Said & Rin Oikawa

  1. Liz

    Just put Kamikaze in my netflix queue (doesn’t stream, so will have to wait for hard copy)–looks crazy. Saw flying cabbage (lettuce?) in the trailer, so there’s even a food component.

    Pretty song. Glad you’re here to expand my horizons. What’s up next?

    • wdydfae

      Hey Liz! I hope you like it. I’m cautious not to recommend sad flicks to you now, but this one is both offbeat and upbeat. And kinda weird.

      I might take a turn toward British progressive rock because of something Sis said.

  2. I’ll have to show this to Allie, I believe she’s a bit of a Yoko Kanno fan.

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