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Another Kyary Norikaeru CM

Nobody asked me to become a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu blogger, so I have no head to beat on the table but my own. But business is business. Another au cm that has come out, and by Gosh, it’s my job to cover it.

The basis is Kyary’s song Noriko and Norio. The girl frog (Noriko) and the boy frog (Norio) are riding various conveyances (norimono) with Kyary. The commercial is replete with visual and linguistic puns on “nori” (ride), “kaeru” (frog), and “norikaeru” (transfer) as a way of promoting transferring your cell phone service to au. It also features a well known trio of comediennes.


2 responses to “Another Kyary Norikaeru CM

  1. Liz

    good gosh she is so cute! I’m looking forward to learning more about that funny name of hers 😉 (You ARE bringing her to BoFN, aren’t you?)

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