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Sunday Offering & Schubert & Ave Maria

Best version I could find, but unfortunately I couldn’t find who’s singing it.


3 responses to “Sunday Offering & Schubert & Ave Maria

  1. Liz

    Gotta love your Sunday offerings 🙂 (even though it’s still Sat on my end) True story: today I bought myself a pulse rate monitor for working out, replacing one I’d lost 5 or so years ago. So I’m just trying it out now to figure out the settings, etc, and according to the numbers, my heart rate went down a full 10 beats a min just listening to that song. How ’bout that! I love Ava Maria so so much–always have.

    • wdydfae

      Thanks, Liz! It’s a great comfort to my heart if anything I did did something for your heart! I’d rather this was in Latin than German, but the voice and piano are so good.

      Hey, if Hava Nagila married Ave Maria it could be Hava Maria!

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