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Blog News: My BoFN Debut

I’m very honored to have my first post up at The Blog of Funny Names in what is planned to be a regular spot about once a month. I can’t quite comprehened how I ended up amongst such august company, but abject idol worship on my part probably helped a little bit! Please check it out.

For that matter, check out all the BoFN crew, every weekday!

5 responses to “Blog News: My BoFN Debut

  1. amb

    In totally unrelated news, I just discovered a band called ALO – Animal Liberation Orchestra. Just thought you should know 🙂

  2. Liz

    you were meant to write for BoFN, diddy. Let’s call lit your destiny. (or at least part of your destiny. am sure there are greater things you will do and have done in your life 😉 )

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