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The Fuccons: Princess Isabella Encounters the Twins

Posting over at BoFN was huge fun but took a bit out of me. I’ve got to remember not to neglect this joint, even though I’ve (erhem) moved up to the big time. Translated into action (in the very loosest sense of the term), that means I got to do some lazy, minimal effort paste up here to make it look like it’s still active. What better place to turn than to Fuccon World?

Going on strict chronology, the charming Princess Isabella’s encounter here with those adorable twins (as well as exemplary authority figure and model educator Bob, to say nothing of his warm and devoted mother) should have preceded her ecstatic and affectionate meeting with Mikey and his parents. However, what would have been gained in sequential verisimilitude would have been lost in narrative momentum.

And I stand by that statement.


3 responses to “The Fuccons: Princess Isabella Encounters the Twins

  1. Liz

    You’ve got a Like just for using the word “verisimilitude.” Watched one of your Fuccons and strange things were happening. Odd little world they inhabit.

    Am thrilled you’ve made it to The Big Time with the rest of us 😉 hahahaha That’s what you get for mentioning amb and Dave in a WDYDFAE blog post. I still remember amb sending me over to check it out.

    And as long as we’re hanging out on memory lane today, I went back and saw a comment I’d made to you in the CD thread. You mentioned knowing a funny name and I said: “ah ha–tell us more :-)” Well good gosh, you did and here we all are.

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