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Introducing The Bitter Blog of Ben

I’m at a curious stage in blogging where I’m clearly running out of ideas but can’t work up the mojo to do what any reasonable person should do–quietly neglect the thing, post something every week or so, discretely walk away, let it simmer, cool and then slowly fade away, and just get on with my life.

I may get there yet, but for the moment I (tense teeth grinding) just . . . can’t . . . let . . . go . . .

One interim possibility presents itself: parasitizing the ideas of others, rather than coming up with any new posting ideas myself. (Because parasitizing the Internet would be so totally new for me! Hah, hah, hah! Get it?)

Now, friends, there’s a way to do that which does not look as sad and bloodsucking as it really is, but rather, shall we say, generous, open minded, magnanimous. It’s called featuring the blogs of others, or flogging, or fogging, or frogging, or flagging, or whatever the heck they call it.

Today I’d like to feature one of the few blogs whose author would probably not mind that weirdly unflattering introduction. Yes, I speak of none other than Ben’s Bitter Blog. (And why did I title this “The Bitter Blog of Ben” rather than “Ben’s Bitter Blog”? It’s simple: my theme does not do apostrophes in the title.)

Now, please understand, there’s always been a bitter child in me wanting to tear out like the baby in Alien and just be unrestrainedly bitter. But I’ve been held back. Blame what you want: bourgeois fastidiousness, wanting to suck up to people and be liked and admired by them, or, perhaps above all, just keeping up the facade, “Me? But why should I be bitter? I’m doing just FINE, thank you very much!”

So, yeah, no, I respect a guy who can just embrace that little critter and let ‘er rip. So to speak. Yet–and this is important–to be very funny about it in the process, and not particularly mean (at least in the many posts I’ve sampled). So cheers to you, Bitter Ben!

I hearby announce that I have boldly blogrolled Ben’s Bitter Blog. Because that’s five b’s in a row, or actually six if you count the “because”!


5 responses to “Introducing The Bitter Blog of Ben

  1. amb

    You realize, don’t you, that now that you have me in your life there’s going to be no discreetly fading into anything? It’s going to be all, “Wdydfae!! I miss you!!!” with hearts and sparkles and multitudes of exclamation marks around here if you try to make a stealthy exit 😀

    • wdydfae

      Hmm. On some level, I guess I knew that amb was going to be the wild card here.

      OK, suppose it’s just an elaborate melodrama to get attention?

    • wdydfae

      Wait a minute! What are you doing online on Saturday! You’re supposed to be doing your off the grid weekend thing.

      Remember, you’re supposed to be an example for the rest of us!

  2. Liz

    Ben’s Bitter Blog is funny! You’re right–isn’t so mean that you can’t laugh. You’ve found amb’s polar opposite!

    Interesting self-assessment you offer: You do seem a nice person, but it also comes off that you wish you weren’t so much. Not that you can really read someone via blog, but I get the sense you feel resigned to being a good guy overall, despite your cynicism etc. I’m in with amb thinking you bring a good balance to our supportive and encouraging ways. (though I wouldn’t say you’re not supportive or encouraging–you just have a different style)

    If you’re looking to shake things up a bit here, I vote you keep offering extended copy as well. I love the clips you pull as it’s been fun to find new music, but you’re also good with words and thinking you should capitalize on that 🙂

  3. wdydfae

    It’s nice to know that whatever I do here, I have the unconditional support of Liz and amb, my two remaining readers! However, I might get the same results if I just park in the comments section at WBS. And I’d get more readers, too!

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