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3 responses to “Gary Burton & Windows

  1. Liz

    ahhh, lovely. Great listen after unplugging for a week. (this time it was pretty much voluntary–camping with the fam) Feel horribly behind with your posts. Will check back on what I missed as I’m able. But turns out I’m up this week on BoFN, so need to scramble.

    Enjoying your comments at WBS as well. My head is spinning trying to take it all in. Which brings me back to your lovely jazzy piano and string tuns. Ahhhh…. Good to read you again 🙂

  2. wdydfae

    Welcome back Liz. Unplugging is a virtue, not something that should necessitate frenzied re-engagement. But knock um out with the BoFN post.

  3. Liz

    “unplugging is a virtue” ?? What kind of hogwash is that? Do you not know me at all by now, diddy? I live for frenzy and am all about re-engagement and even that necessitating thing sounds pretty cool 😉 haha, I appreciate your wise words. I do want to hit your posts, though, as there’s music I need to hear.

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