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Sadako Is Coming . . .

in 3D. Soon. And you. Can’t. Stop. Her.

I actually saw one of these trucks today! Though it was even better, because it was at night, and there was also a little mini Sadako whose hair was tangled up in the fingers of the big Sadako!

[Editor’s cut: I kind of overdid it on Sadako clips and removed all but that first one. One flatbed Sadako is kinda funny. Endless Sadako clips was getting a bit dark.]


2 responses to “Sadako Is Coming . . .

  1. Liz

    ok, that’s creepy. Is she advertising a horror movie? funny hair cut clip–clever, yes. But need more context to fully appreciate–is she a zombie? I see definite scare potential.

  2. wdydfae

    The movie is Ring. It’s been around for quite a while in many versions and sequels and is the seminal J-horror flick, and one is coming out in 3D. Sadako is a terrifying ghost who crawls into our realm through the tv screen.

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