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The Onion: Miley Cyrus Letter

This is old now, but I only stumbled on it yesterday. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s another comic masterpiece. Moderately strong content warning (language).


2 responses to “The Onion: Miley Cyrus Letter

  1. Liz

    love the Onion, but has been a long time since I’ve read. I didn’t pay too much att’n to the MC debacle, so this was mostly new to me as well. Huh. Crazy. My oldest used to be a Hannah Montana fan and we watched pretty much every episode or at least the early shows together. Kinda sad this is where she’s at now. What really freaked me out was how much Robin Thicke looks like his dad!

  2. wdydfae

    Agreed. Though I think the main target of the Onion masterpiece was the debased news networks and what counts as “newsworthy.”

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