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Jaco Pastorius & C.C. Riders & Rice Pudding

A very young Jaco was nurturing some amazing chops while touring with Wayne Cochran and C.C. Riders (1972). Song by Charlie Brent.

I got this about half a year ago. It’s a fantastic album with a lot of varied stuff, and I highly recommend it, even with the suboptimal recording quality (almost none of it was professional). A lot still comes out with the sound, including some great live energy.


6 responses to “Jaco Pastorius & C.C. Riders & Rice Pudding

  1. Liz

    Rice pudding @ WDYDFAE, coco crisps @ BoFN–what a day! I see what you mean about the energy here. Seconding Sis’s “fun.” Is that flute?

    • wdydfae

      Thanks, Liz. That is flute indeed [0:55-1:40], almost certainly played by one of the saxophone players (flute players in these kind of big bands are usually doubling from their usual sax).

      • Liz

        ah ha, and this I do know (I know something here–yippee!) as my oldest plays flute in band and now sax in jazz band as it’s supposedly an easy transition. I stopped at flute, never tried sax. You must play an instrument…or two or more ??

  2. wdydfae

    Cool! Me, some stringed instruments, mostly classical. Amateur level at best.

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