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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Toothpaste CM & Plus Bonus Behind the Scenes Footage!!!!

I kyan never forget that the vast majority of my hits are for Kyary-related posts. Hence, the new Ora2 toothpaste CM must be covered, or I totally lose my standing within the Kyary kyomyunity.

This CM kyampaign is going to be broadcast across East Asia, with Kyary serving as “Ora2 HAMiGAKi Ambassador” (“hamigaki” = toothbrush or toothpaste). Hmmm. As you may or may not know, Kyary has a semi-official role as “Kawaii Harajuku Ambassador” (granted by the mayor of Shibuya ward in Tokyo last year). So, the “Ambassador” title here is clearly being taken out of context and used to promote blatant commercial interests (literally “commercial interests”! Ha ha!). Should we take this as an ironic wink, or a gross kyonflict of interest? But perhaps it’s better not to look too deeply into such things.

Language notes: The CM uses Kyary’s song “Sungoi Aura” (set to accompany her new single that will be released early next month), playing on the name of the toothbrush: “Ora2” (Aura: Ora). The new self-designation “Kyary Hamyu Gakyu”–which appears prominently in transluscent psychedelic toothpasty pastels–is a play on “hamigaki” (again: toothpaste or toothbrush). Is this kyaracteristically inspired Kyaryan wordplay? Or really lame shark jumping with the Kyaryan puns? I kyan’t decide, but for perspective imagine Katy Perry appearing in a toothpaste campaign with the name “Kateeth Pastey.” Would that be clever, or cringe-worthy?

But, wait, this is not all! There is also the making of Kyary’s toothpaste CM!!!!!!

I’m going to have to come down on the side of thumbs up for this project. This is a fairly well-conceived and well-executed Kyaryan fantasy. However, I think Kyary herself could actually have been spruced up a bit more to blend in more with the shiny, antiseptic pastels of toothpaste world. Her teeth aren’t sparkly enough and the colors of her get-up seem maybe half a shade too muted, don’t they? One should really pull out more stops where Kyary is concerned.


4 responses to “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Toothpaste CM & Plus Bonus Behind the Scenes Footage!!!!

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  2. Liz

    Kyary puns!!! heehee Why isn’t she famous in the U.S.? She’s exactly the kind of celebrity we love–envelope pusher, pretty, sexy, fashionista, moves well, etc. She makes lady gaga, katy perry, etc look boring. She sounded interested in going international. Is this happening? Are you starting the spread? When she does get her,e I’ll be loaded with Kyary puns thanks to you!

    • wdydfae

      Kyary does have a global following, and she’s done at least two tours now, but fans are limited to people who are really into that stuff–in Europe they sing along; they know all the words to her songs, as well as all the dance moves/gestures. WIld. (But I refuse to criticize Kyary-maniacs, because they account for about 95% of my hits.) When she tours, it’s to medium to large sized clubs, never stadiums or such. She’ll never be a break out hit globally because of the language gap. And Kyary’s always going to sing in Japanese, except for a verse or line or two–her identity and what she does are quintessentially Japanese.

      Generally Kyary’s wordplay is intriguing, but this toothpaste thing will probably be remembered as something that would best be forgotten.

      I’m not going to promote Kyary. I’m just gonna call it like I see it. If it’s “Invader, Invader” I’ll say it sucks, and if it’s “Mottai Night Land” I’ll say it’s brilliant.

      • Liz

        you’re a Kyary reporter, not a follower–got it. And I hadn’t thought about the language thing. But. Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc–they all tour internationally and I highly doubt they sing their songs fluently in other languages. ?? Would do America good to have other cultures brought in to be enjoyed as-is, without having to Americanzie everything. !!

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