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The Russian Duo Makes a Comeback

t.A.T.u. makes a comeback on a Snickers CM.

The duo is knocked over and stomp back to the bench in a huff. Teammates approach and say, “Hey, the game isn’t over yet.” “Change your attitude.” They throw their mitts away in outrage and vent in Russian. The third teammate says, “Being hungry makes them selfish. How about a Snickers?” t.A.T.u. chomps down on the Snikcers bars then transforms back into two compliant baseball boys. Later, t.A.T.u. is batting and the teammate says, “Wha-!? Now the batter, too?!”

A press release for the CM?

Now we have press releases and “the making of” documentaries for frickin’ tv commercials?!? Is this the end of civilization, or what?


One response to “The Russian Duo Makes a Comeback

  1. Liz

    probably the end of civilization, but I don’t know what you’re talking about, really. 😉

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